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Premium Top Grain Italian Nappa 11000 Leather

Valencia Oslo Ultimate Luxury Edition

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We have enhanced Oslo to a level of opulence like never before. Covered in authentic Semi-Aniline Italian Nappa Leather 20000 with your choice of gold or silver French Diamond stitching, Oslo Ultimate Luxury transforms your living space into the optimal level of sophistication and comfort.

Valencia Theater Seating has redesigned the Oslo home theater seat to deliver you the ultimate movie watching experience. We have added height to the seat-back to gift your neck and shoulders unwavered ergonomic bliss. With the choice of gold or silver French Diamond stitching, the perforated leather aesthetically elevates your space and emulates the rich allure of a luxury car.

Semi-Aniline Italian Nappa Leather 20000

100% draped in Semi-Aniline Italian Nappa Leather 20000, the smooth buttery matte finish is unwavering in its perfection and luxe appeal. Originating from true authentic Italian leather tanning, Valencia’s Semi-Aniline Nappa leather is handcrafted using century old practices.

Perforated French Diamond Stitching

Exceptionally crafted to enhance your home’s luxury factor, the Perforated French diamond stitching increases breathability and padding, catapulting your comfort to a whole new level. You have the choice of gold or silver stitching.  

RGB Cup Holder & Base Lighting

Choose from 7 different color options to light up the Ultimate Luxury’s base and sleek black chrome cup holders. Pick your favorite color and add a nice glow to the ambiance.

Black Chrome Memory Control Panel

Navigate your comfort using the mechanical controls on the inside of the armrest. The control has a USB-C and regular USB port so you can charge all your devices while enjoying the movie. It is equipped with a memory function to conveniently save your personal position preference as well as Home button. 

Matching Gold or Silver Cup Holders

Immerse yourself in luxury with the sleek and sophisticated gold or silver finished cup holders. The cup holder beautifully complements the stitching and ties the chair together luxuriously. Activate the 7 colour RGB lighting cycle that is located around the seat’s cup holder rim and base.

Parisian Velour Lined Armrest Storage

Lined with Parisian Velour, the concealed armrest storage presents you with a functional, yet elite design with a soft open detail. Conveniently store your gadgets by your side, without the clutter.

100% Leather Covered Back Finishing Plate

Accent that beautifully adds a finishing detail to the back of the chair. The Semi-Aniline leather wrapped plate is just the finishing touch needed for placing the chair in any space.

Power Headrest

The power headrest allows you to smoothly adjust your position to cater your personal preference. Customize your optimal angle and save to the chair’s memory for future use.

Perforated Lumbar Support

Ergonomically sculpted with power lumbar support and recline that allows you to control the firmness of the cushion to maximize back support.

Contoured Ergonomic Comfort

Valencia’s engineering team came together to formulate the utmost luxurious design, creating the Ultimate Luxury model. Our double-layered high resiliency foam is customized to Valencia and developed to emulate the comfort of a plush mattress, perfectly contouring every curve of your body to deliver ergonomic support.

Beauty In The Details

Every detail matters. Our luxury-grade Vegan leather is used to conceal the seat’s armrest storage hinges. This small addition allows for uniformity which creates an overall opulent aesthetic.

Wall Hugging Design

The wall-hugging recliner mechanism allows you to fully recline while keeping the seats close to the wall. This design saves the unnecessary space behind the seat to maximize the usage of your home theater.

Power Headrest

Power Headrest allows you to adjust to the most comfortable position for your neck.

Power Lumbar Support

Ergonomically sculpted with a power lumbar support that allows you to control the firmness of the cushion to support your back.

Perforated French Diamond Stitching

Exceptionally crafted to enhance your home’s luxury factor, the French diamond stitch elevates the elegance of the leather, with results that mirror the interior of a luxury car.

Power Recline

The quiet and smooth motor allows for silent reclining experience and wall hugging design will keep close to the wall to ensure the minimum space.

Gold or Silver Cup Holders

Sleek and distinctive accent, lined with RGB lighting color options.

Semi-Aniline Italian Nappa Leather 20000

100% covered in matte black super Supple Semi-Aniline Italian Nappa Leather 20000.

Hidden Armrest Storage

Velour-lined concealed compartment to store gadgets.



Depth - Extended
No-Arm 113cm  62cm
113cm 96cm
99cm 174cm
Row of Two 113cm 175cm 99cm 174cm
Row of Three 113cm 253cm
Row of Four 113cm 332cm 99cm 174cm
Row of Five 113cm 409cm 99cm

This is the minimum door width required for the chairs.

| ⎯⎯⎯⎯   65 cm   ⎯⎯⎯⎯ |


Collections Premier Series
Sofa Orientation Symmetrical
Frame Material Wood and Steel
Frame Material Family Plywood
Upholstery Italian Top Grain Nappa Leather 11000
Upholstery Material Family Italian Leather
Cushion Material Foam
Additional Information
Contact Information for Parts, Product Questions & Assembly Help sales@valenciatheaterseating.com
Assembly Required? Tool-Free
Warranty Labour 3 Year(s) Pro-rated
Warranty Parts 3 Year(s) Pro-rated
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